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6th Grade Math Skills Checklist- Montessori Record Keeping

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*Note- the drop down feature is only compatible with recently updated versions of Microsoft Word. If you purchase this product and find that you have any issues with its accessibility and use, please contact me at and I will be happy to work with you to find a solution.


As public Montessori educators we are tasked with finding a balance between fulfilling district standards/requirements and Montessori principles. This material is meant to act as a bridge between the two. It can be personalized using the provided drop-down boxes. This allows each checklist to follow the scope and sequence that has been established in the individual classroom environments.

The drop-down boxes contain "I-Can" statements relating to each 6th Grade CCSS math standard. After selecting the standard, move to the "Materials to practice this skill are..." column. As each environment has their own unique inventory of materials, this space has been left completely blank and can either be filled in by the guide and then printed out or filled in collaboratively with the children.
I recommend creating folders for each child and place a copy of the checklist inside. These folders can either be housed with the guide and used/filled out during individual conferencing, or it can be placed in the environment and used as a running record of goals that the child can reference as needed.

Please remember that each purchase may be used for a single classroom community. If you would like to purchase multiple licenses for your grade level team, you can do so at a discounted price.