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The Modern Montessori Guide

Binomial Square Matching Cards

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This material is a wonderful extension for squaring, algebra, and multiplication fact family practice. Matches are made by pairing a visual of the square (pegboard illustration), its label, step one of the algebraic equation, and step two/final product of the algebraic equation.

This material contains three sets with 12 different squares to find matches for in each. The sets are color coded as follows: Set 1 = Green, Set 2 = Blue, Set 3 = Red.

These cards are best used after presenting Passage Two: Introduction to Binomials and Trinomials with the Hierarchical Pegs. The children may be familiar with the rules for extracting the square of a sum/the algebraic formula for determining the square of a binomial, but it is not required.

If you have access to the pegboard, I encourage the child to build the squares as they go, but it is absolutely possible to complete this work without it.

 After identify the matches and checking the work with the control, the children are encouraged to record the work in their journals using corresponding colored pencils.


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