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The Modern Montessori Guide

Binomial Task Cards

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This material is a wonderful extension to the following lessons:

  • Transformation of a Square First Passage
  • Squaring a Sum and Expressing It Hierarchically First and Second Passages

I have provided 3-part cards and a control for six different terms that support the skills that will be covered: expanded form, distributive property, commutative property, array, square number, and binomial.Depending on the reading level of your students, these could either be solely part of your initial instruction, or they could be used as an independent follow-up work. There are two different task card sets within this pack (40 total task cards).

Table of Contents

Pgs. 2-4: Binomial Terminology 3-Part Cards

Pg. 5-6: Multiplicative Comparison Terminology 3-Part Cards Control

Pgs. 7-16: Set 1- Transformation of a Square 1st Passage Task Cards and Answer Keys

Pgs. 17-26: Set 2- Squaring a Sum and Expressing It Hierarchically Task Cards and Answer Keys

Pgs. 27: Terms of Use



Answer keys are formatted to be printed double sided the using long-edge binding print format.

If you chose not to print double sided, the answer keys can be printed separately, cut out, laminated, hole-punched in the top corner, and put on a metal ring for easy self-checking.