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The Modern Montessori Guide

Characteristics of a Civilization 3-Part Cards

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Nomenclature cards, or 3-part cards are a wonderful way for children to interact with new information. This material, focusing on the Characteristics of a Civilization, consists of labels, definition cards, and pictures. When completing this work, the child should begin by sorting all the cards and placing the pictures across the top of their rug or table. They then read the labels and definition and match them to the pictures.

When finished matching, the child should check their work using the control before recording their work in a journal. This includes writing the label, drawing a picture, and paraphrasing the definition. Children are encouraged to conduct additional research!

Print the material on cardstock, cut on the dotted lines, and laminate if possible.

Nomenclature Included

  • Civilization
  • City Center
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Religion
  • Intellectual and Artistic Expression
  • Social Structure
  • Division of Labor
  • Written Language

As a follow-up activity, check out my Characteristics of a Civilization Research Booklet.