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The Modern Montessori Guide

Comparing Quantities Using Golden Beads

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The Montessori Golden Beads provide the child with a beautiful, concrete representation of quantities. These task cards guide students to compare numbers by modeling the values. If available, I encourage you to use physical golden beads to aid in the counting of each quantity. If you don’t have access, I’ve included printable versions in this pack!

When completing this work, either laminate the cards and use a dry erase directly on them, or for an increased challenge, record the quantities and symbols on the recording sheet.

In this set you will find:

-Pgs. 2-7: Comparing Quantities Task Cards (24 of increasing complexity)

-Pgs. 8-9: Comparing Quantities Recording Sheet and Answer Key

-Pgs. 10-14: Golden Bead Printables

-Pg. 15: Terms of Use