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The Modern Montessori Guide

Decimal, Fraction and Percentage Equivalencies

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Pg 2: Suggested Instructions for Use

Pgs. 3-22: Fraction, Decimal, and Percentage Equivalency Matching


Pgs. 22-31: Ordering Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages Cards

Pgs. 32-37: Matching Cards and Ordering Cards Answer Keys

Pg. 38: Game Cards Instructions

Pg. 39: Inequalities Practice Mat and Inequality Symbol Cards

Pgs. 40-46: Level One Game Cards

Pgs. 46-53: Level Two Game Cards

Pgs. 54-56: Decimal Equivalencies Task Cards

Pgs. 57-59: Fraction Equivalencies Task Cards

Pgs. 60-62: Percentages Equivalencies Task Cards

Pgs. 63-65: Hundredths Grid Task Cards

Pgs. 66-69: Task Card Recording Sheets and Answer Keys

Pg. 70: Terms of Use