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The Modern Montessori Guide

Decimal, Fraction and Percentage Equivalencies ELA Extension: Cosmic Education

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Pg. 2: Combining Grammar, Cosmic Education, and Math Instruction Page

Pg. 3: Combining Grammar, Cosmic Education, and Math Passage Topics

Pg. 4: Combining Grammar, Cosmic Education, and Math Level 1 Worksheet

Pgs. 5-6: Combining Grammar, Cosmic Education, and Math Level Two Worksheet

Pgs. 7-9: Combining Grammar, Cosmic Education, and Math Level Three Worksheet

Pgs. 10-15: “The First Great Lesson” Passages

Pgs. 16-24: “The Coming of Life” Passages

Pgs. 25-32: “The Coming of Humans” Passages

Pgs. 33-36: “The History of Writing” Passages

Pgs. 37-43: “The History of Math” Passages

Pg. 44: Terms of Use




This follow-up extension is designed for students who have a solid grasp of

fraction, decimal, and percentage equivalencies, ordering decimals, and a

strong background in the parts of speech.

On the following pages, you’ll find 66 different reading passages divided into the

Montessori Cosmic Education topics of the Great Lessons.


  • The First Great Lesson
  • The Coming of Life
  • The Coming of Humans
  • The History of Writing
  • The History of Mathematics


Each passage was written for children in the 9-12 classroom. This activity could

be presented as a follow-up to the initial presentations of each of the Great

Lessons or simply as a task to spark curiosity and inspire independent research.

After reading a passage, the student will be presented with a follow-up

worksheet. This pack contains 3 different versions of increasing complexity.


These follow-ups will ask the student to return to the passage and count the

listed parts of speech. The passages each contain exactly 100 words, so students

are able to record the number of occurrences as a fraction out of 100, as a

decimal, and as a percentage without any issues. They are also asked to

represent the decimal visually on a hundredths grid. A dictionary may be helpful

when it comes to identifying challenging parts of speech.

After identifying the number of occurrences for each part of speech on the

worksheet, the student will be asked to order the decimals from least to greatest.

Depending on the complexity of the worksheet, they may also be challenged to

record a short summary and/or illustrate the passage they just read.


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