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The Modern Montessori Guide

Detective Adjective Game Materials

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This cross-curricular activity helps the child learn the function of adjectives in a series and allows the child to act as a detective as they use the descriptive power of adjectives to identify specific triangles from a larger group.

Two printing options are available. The first includes colored triangles ready to be printed using a colored printer. The second option features black and white outlines of the triangles that can be printed directly onto colored cardstock.


Pg. 2: The Detective Adjective Game #1 Lesson Plan

Pg. 3: The Detective Adjective Game #2 and #3 Lesson Plans

Pgs. 4-10: 63 Triangles of Different Shapes, Sizes and Colors (Print in Color)

  • Acute Angled Isosceles Triangles (9)
  • Obtuse Angled Isosceles Triangles (9)
  • Right Angled Isosceles Triangles (9)
  • Acute Angled Scalene Triangles (9)
  • Obtuse Angled Scalene Triangles (9)
  • Right Angled Scalene Triangles (9)
  • Equilateral Triangles (9)

Pgs. 11-16: 63 Triangles of Different Shapes, Sizes and Colors (Print on Colored Cardstock)

Pgs. 17-18: Color-Coded Parts of Speech Cards

Pgs. 19-26: 63 Detective Adjective Command Cards

If using these in a larger classroom setting, I recommend printing the materials on cardstock and laminating them for extended use. I also recommend creating or finding a storage system and separating the pieces into their categories (triangles, color-coded parts of speech cards, and command cards) for easy access.