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The Modern Montessori Guide

Digital Interactive Montessori Style Simple Sentence Analysis Task Cards

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This digital material is meant to mirror the Montessori Simple Sentence Analysis Task Cards and Manipulatives. Because of its interactive nature, it can be used by teachers to introduce and model the analysis of different sentence types as well as by students as they practice follow-up activities.

It can easily be shared with students through Google Classroom/Google Docs and can be screen shared through many virtual meeting platforms for live lesson demonstrations. If you choose to do this, I suggest clicking on full screen view and eliminating speaker notes. The interactivity of this product will not work in “presentation” mode.

All components of this material are moveable. To eliminate issues with clicking and dragging the sentence strips, they have been inserted as images and cannot be edited.

Table of Contents

Slide 3: Usage Example Page

Slide 4: Teacher Demonstration Page

Slides 5-13: Level 1 Cards 1-9

- One Subject and One Predicate

Slides 14-22: Level 2 Cards 1-9

- One Subject and Two Predicates

- Two Subjects and One Predicate

- Two Subjects and Two Predicates

Slides 23-31: Level 3 Cards 1-9

- Compound Predicates and Subjects with Adjectives

Slides 32-40: Level 4 Cards 1-9

- One Subject, One Predicate, One– Two Direct Objects, and Adjectives

Slides 41-49: Level 5 Cards 1-9

-Compound Subjects, Compound Predicates, and Compound Direct Objects


Answer Key Included