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The Modern Montessori Guide

Digital Interactive Montessori Style Stamp Game

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The Stamp Game is an incredibly versatile material! Whether you’re introducing whole number place value relationships or one of the four operations, the Stamp Game beautifully supports you and the child. This is a digital interactive material and can be used by teachers to introduce and model abstract concepts as well as by students as they practice follow-up activities. It can easily be shared with students through Google Classroom/Google Docs and can be screen shared through many virtual meeting platforms for live lesson demonstrations. If you choose to do this, I suggest clicking on full screen view and eliminating speaker notes. The interactivity of this product will not work in “presentation” mode.

This material incorporates the traditional Montessori hierarchical colors of green (units and thousands), blue (tens), and red (hundreds). In terms of sequence, this material is presented after the child has been introduced to the decimal system using the Golden Bead material which is far more concrete in nature. It is important to guide the child to the association between the literal value of the golden beads and the abstract representation of the stamps.