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The Modern Montessori Guide

Earth Week Bundle

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For a limited time, you can gain access to 42 different materials as part of our Earth Week Bundle including my entire Imaginary Island curriculum. If purchased separately, these products would cost $140, but bundled together it costs $110. And to top it off, during our Earth Week celebration you can take an additional 25% off bringing the total to $82.50. 

In this bundle you'll find:

  • Imaginary Island Scope and Sequence
  • Food Chain/Food Web Materials
  • Parts of the Food Chain 3-Part Cards and Posters
  • Latitude and Longitude 3-Part Cards
  • Map Types and Features 3-Part Cards and Posters
  • Basic Land and Water Forms 3-Part Cards
  • Advanced Land and Water Forms 3-Part Cards and Bingo Game
  • Land and Water Forms Command Cards
  • Global Wind and Water Currents 3-Part Cards
  • Climate and Biome 3-Part Cards, Posters, and Research Guide
  • Weather Tools 3-Part Cards
  • Water Cycle Materials - 3-Part Cards
  • Weather Fronts Materials
  • Cloud Types 3-Part Cards, Bingo, Experiment, Posters, and "I have... Who has?"
  • The Rock Cycle 3-Part Cards
  • The Clock of Eras 3-Part Cards
  • Photosynthesis Materials
  • Composting Informational Pack: Reading Passage, Sequence Sorts, and 3-Part Cards
  • Finding Symmetry in Nature
  • Types of Mushrooms 3-Part Cards and Booklet
  • Life Cycles 3-Part Cards: Worms, Ladybugs, Frogs, and Bees
  • Beginner Life Cycle and Parts of the Butterfly
  • Beginner Honey Bee Unit - Ages 5-8
  • Beginner Ant Unit- Life Cycle, Types, and Parts of the Ant
  • Study of the Honey Bee Unit - 3rd-5th grade
  • Plants that Attract Pollinators - 3-Part Cards and Memory Game
  • Plants and Animals of the Tundra- 3-Part Cards and Food Chains
  • Build Your Own Sentences: Montessori Color-Coded Cards- Spring/Gardening Themed
  • Animal Tracks Matching - Animals of North America
  • Silhouette Matching- Plants and Animals of the Tundra
  • 5th Grade Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Different Denominators Word Problems - Gardening Theme
  • 4th Grade Multi-Step Word Problem Task Cards - Chicken Theme
  • 2nd Grade Multiplication Array Practice Cards - Designing Garden Beds
  • 1st Grade Addition Word Problem Task Cards- 3 Addends - Farmer's Market
  • 1st Grade Addition and Subtraction Word Problems - Apple Theme
  • Life Cycle and Parts of the Pea Plant
  • Life Cycle and Parts of the Fish
  • Plus Freebies!