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The Modern Montessori Guide

Finding Symmetry in Nature

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In this unit, the study of symmetry goes beyond the walls of the classroom or home and encourages the child to explore the intricacies of the natural world around them.


Pgs. 2-3: Symmetry Vocabulary 3-Part Cards

Pg. 4: Symmetry Informational Passage

Pg. 5: Lines of Bilateral Symmetry Informational Passage

Pg. 6: Lines of Bilateral Symmetry Practice Page

Pgs. 7-8: Lines of Symmetry Hunt

Pgs. 9-12: Symmetry in Nature Task Cards

The 3-Part Cards and Informational Passages can be used as introductory materials to the concepts of symmetry that will be used in the Lines of Symmetry Hunt and Symmetry in Nature Task Cards.

The Lines of Symmetry Hunt acts as an intermediate activity prior to using the task cards. It gives the child the opportunity to look for examples of symmetry and record them before being challenged to create their own symmetrical works of art with the task cards.


I encourage you to either take a photo of the child or children’s task card products or challenge them to illustrate the constructions themselves.

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