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The Modern Montessori Guide

Golden Bead Materials Bundle

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Comparing Quantities Using Golden Beads

The Montessori Golden Beads provide the child with a beautiful, concrete representation of quantities. These task cards guide students to compare numbers by modeling the values. If available, I encourage you to use physical golden beads to aid in the counting of each quantity. If you don’t have access, I’ve included printable versions in this pack!

When completing this work, either laminate the cards and use a dry erase directly on them, or for an increased challenge, record the quantities and symbols on the recording sheet.

In this set you will find:

-Pgs. 2-7: Comparing Quantities Task Cards (24 of increasing complexity)

-Pgs. 8-9: Comparing Quantities Recording Sheet and Answer Key

-Pgs. 10-14: Golden Bead Printables

-Pg. 15: Terms of Use 

Golden Bead Mystery Numbers

This material is a wonderful extension after the initial instruction of place value equivalencies using the Golden Beads. Prior to using this work, the child should feel confident and comfortable with the concept that ten units equals one ten-bar, ten ten-bars equals one hundred square, etc. 

Table of Contents

Pgs. 3-24: Task Cards Containing Visual Guides

Pgs. 25-56: Task Cards Containing Only Written Instructions


Both sets include answer keys. These are formatted to be printed double sided the using long-edge binding print format.

If you chose not to print double sided, the answer keys can be printed separately, cut out, laminated, hole-punched in the top corner, and put on a metal ring for easy self-checking.

Number Sense Matching Activity

This material is a wonderful extension for base ten number sense and can be presented after introducing numerical symbols and quantity. Matches are made by pairing the number in standard form, in expanded form, in word form, and a visual in the form of golden beads.

This material contains seven sets with 4 different numbers to find matches for in each. 

If you have access to golden beads, I encourage the child to build the quantities as they go, but it is absolutely possible to complete this work without them.

After identify the matches and checking the work with the control, the children are encouraged to record the work in their journals using corresponding colored pencils.