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The Modern Montessori Guide

FREEBIE - I-Messages and Conversation Starters

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This free material provides students with a visual guide to use during conflict resolution.

Productive conflict resolution is such an important skill to model and teach to our children. So often children and adults alike find it hard to express their feelings and may blame others initially.

“You make me angry when...”
“You stole my book!”
“You never listen to me!”

When we are able to shift our words to those of “I-Messages” we create a far-less threatening situation that prevents the other person from feeling the need to go on the defense.

This activity encourages children to reflect on the situation and how they feel by naming their emotions and proactively making a request to solve the problem.

In my classroom I had this chart laminated in our peace area. As students would ask each other to join them at the peace table for conflict resolution, they would take out this chart as well as a small glass stone. This stone would be placed on the sentence starter they chose to use and would allow the conversation to move back and forth between the two individuals as a talking stick of sorts.

I hope you find this helpful!