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The Modern Montessori Guide

Land and Sea Breezes Sort

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The Work of Wind and Water curriculum in Montessori beautifully sets the stage for the wonders of the physics and geography of our planet. These materials model thermal energy’s role in the production of wind on coastlines.

Prior to beginning the sort, I recommend conducting the experiment and reading the included passage. This will provide the necessary background to be able to conduct the sort. I suggest modeling the sort alongside the child/children first before assigning it as follow-up activity.


Pg 2: Land and Sea Breeze Reading Passage

Pg. 3: Measuring the Changing Temperatures of Soil and Water Experiment

Pgs. 4-7: Land and Sea Breeze Sorts and Cut-Outs

Pgs. 8-9 Land and Sea Breeze Sort Control

Pg. 10: Terms of Use