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The Modern Montessori Guide

Montessori Style Decimal Stamp Game Printable

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The Decimal Stamp Game is a wonderful adaptation of the original whole number Stamp Game! Whether you’re introducing decimal number place value relationships or one of the four operations, the Decimal Stamp Game beautifully supports you and the child.

This material incorporates the traditional Montessori hierarchical colors of green (units and thousandths), blue (tenths), and red/pink (hundredths). In terms of sequence, I would present this material after the child has been introduced to the decimal fraction system using the Golden Bead material. This lesson is not often included in traditional Montessori math albums, but you can get a copy of my free lesson here.

Additionally, when introducing or practicing place values using the Stamp Game, the Decimal Board material can be a wonderful accompaniment. Check out my free printable here!

Before using, I suggest printing this material on cardstock, cutting out the pieces using the dotted line guides, and laminating everything.