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The Modern Montessori Guide

Montessori Style Parts of Speech Task Cards- Printable

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In today’s day and age, there are often debates as to whether or not the study of grammar is even necessary. But when we view grammar as the building blocks for sentence construction, the answer is clear. By studying grammar, identifying sentence construction and patterns, children become better writers and readers. 

Maria Montessori meticulously and purposely designed each of the grammar symbols with the knowledge that children make strong connections to shapes and colors. The symbols are first introduced sensorially around age 6 and then the child is immersed in application activities such as the Farm Game and Grammar Boxes. You can access my printable Parts of Speech freebie here 

This work mirrors the lessons presented in the Elementary I Montessori album. Each level introduces a new part of speech into the mix, so it will take time for the child to work their way through the entire pack. The material contains five different levels with nine task cards in each. All cards have corresponding answer keys. These could either be printed double sided on the task card or be printed separately, laminated, and grouped together on a ring for easy checking.

Print the material on cardstock, cut on the dotted lines, and laminate if able. Sort the the material with the corresponding label card at the beginning of each set. This will let the child know which parts of speech they need to have been introduced to before they may begin the work.