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The Modern Montessori Guide

Montessori Style Repeated Addition and Arrays

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This material is a wonderful extension for addition practice and prepares the child to view multiplication as repeated addition. I have provided 3-part cards and a control for four different terms that support the skills that will be covered: addition, expression, equation, and array. Depending on the reading level of your students, these could either be solely part of your initial instruction, or they could be used as an independent follow-up work. There are three different task card sets within this pack, each with 12 cards.

Table of Contents

Pgs. 3-4: Repeated Addition Terminology 3-Part Cards

Pgs. 5-6: Set Title Cards and Example Cards

Pg. 7: Repeated Addition Terminology 3-Part Cards Control

Pgs. 8-13: Set 1- Writing Expressions Task Cards and Controls

Pgs. 14-19: Set 2- Building Arrays Task Cards and Controls

Pgs. 20-25: Set 3- Writing and Solving Equations Task Cards and Controls

Pgs. 26: Terms of Use


Answer keys are formatted to be printed double sided the using long-edge binding print format.

If you chose not to print double sided, the answer keys can be printed separately, cut out, laminated, hole-punched in the top corner, and put on a metal ring for easy self-checking.