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The Modern Montessori Guide

Multiples and Factors Practice Cards

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These cards are made to be used as a follow-up to the introductory multiples and factors lessons. The introduction and investigation of multiples provides a wonderful foundation for the understanding and internalization of number sense and number theory.

Prior to using these cards, the lessons and follow-up work presented in my “Investigating Multiples Tables” material are recommend.

This material contains task cards covering multiple skills including:

•Cards 1-14: Identifying the First Five Multiples of a Given Number

•Cards 15-24: Identifying Four Consecutive Multiples

•Cards 25-40: Determining if a Number is a Multiple of a Given Number and Supporting their Choice with Reasoning

•Cards 41-56: Filling in the Missing Factor in a Given Factor Tree

•Cards 57-72: Identifying All Factors of a Number and Qualifying them as Prime or Composite

•Cards 73-88: Create Prime Factor Trees and Identify All Prime Factors of a Number

•Cards 89-104: Identifying the Lowest Common Multiple of Two Numbers

•Cards 105-120: Combining Knowledge of Factors and Multiples

Each of the cards come with corresponding answer keys. These could either be printed separately, laminated, and grouped together on a ring for easy checking.