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The Modern Montessori Guide

Photosynthesis Materials

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Botany is one of the quintessential components of a Montessori education. It goes beyond simply understanding the processes of nature and encourages children to value and advocate for our Earth. By witnessing the intricacies of the inner workings of a leaf, a child is far more likely to appreciate and respect the plant and encourages others to do the same.


Pgs. 2-4: Photosynthesis Reading Passage (810-1100 Lexile)

Pg. 5: The Leaf as a Factory Poster

Pgs. 6-8: Photosynthesis 3-Part Cards

Pgs. 9-10: Photosynthesis 3-Part Cards Control

Pg. 11: Photosynthesis Root Words

Pgs. 12-14: Photosynthesis Sequencing Match-Up Cards

Pgs. 15-16: Photosynthesis Sequencing Match-Up Control

Pg. 17-19: Chemical Mapping Lesson Plan

Pgs. 20-21: Chemical Mapping Printable Materials

Pg. 22: Terms of Use