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The Modern Montessori Guide

Sentence Parsing- Build Your Own Sentences

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This material is meant to act as an extension to the initial parts of speech impressionistic lessons and grammar boxes. After the students have practiced identifying the the parts of speech in a sentence using these introductory SentenceParsing- Identifying Parts of Speech task cards, they can move to this work where they are given the sentence structure and it is their job to create and write a sentence that matches it. Within this set there are five different levels. Each level builds on the one before and contains nine task cards.

Also included in the set are color-coded word cards which can be used to help the child construct sentences based on the given structure patterns.

As a note, because each sentence that’s being made is unique to the child creating it, there is no corresponding answer key. However, I have included examples of sentences that would fit the structures found in the different levels as a guide.

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