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The Modern Montessori Guide

The Montessori Work Cycle Poster

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So often the term “Work Cycle” is assumed to simply refer to the time during which students in the Montessori setting work independently. In my own experiences as a Montessori teacher, this is exactly what the children interpreted it to mean. However, the term refers to the steps, or cycle, the children should be following throughout their independent work time.

In the Montessori classroom we, as the guides, work to prepare an environment for the children that allows them to function independently, choose materials they need to practice, or subjects that personally interest them. To help the child navigate their time and classroom space, a lesson can be given at the beginning of the year, and reviewed as necessary, that illustrates the cycle their workflow should follow. This illustration can be printed, laminated, and hung in the classroom as a visual reminder of the steps.