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The Modern Montessori Guide

Trinomial Square and Cube Lessons and Matching Materials

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The study of the trinomial square and cube provide a beautiful, concrete representation of mathematical formulas. These lessons challenge the child to recall their previous experiences with the cube in the Primary setting and opens their eyes to the algebra hidden within!

Table of Contents

Pgs. 2-4: The Trinomial Square Introductory Lesson

Pgs. 5-9: The Trinomial Cube Introductory Lesson

Pgs. 10-12: Trinomial Square and Cube Equation Tiles and Additional Lesson Resources

Pgs. 13-14: Trinomial Square Algebra Matching Cards

Pgs. 15-20: Trinomial Cube Algebra Matching Cards

Pg. 21-22: Trinomial Square and Cube Controls

Pg. 23: Terms of Use

*Note: I highly recommend having access to the physical trinomial cube when

presenting these lessons.