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The Modern Montessori Guide

Two-Dimensional Shapes: Montessori 3-Part Cards

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Pg. 2-12: 2-Dimensional Shapes 3-Part Cards

Pg. 13-18: 2-Dimensional Shapes Control

Pg. 19: 2-Dimensional Shapes Matching/Memory/Go-Fish Instructions

Pg. 20-25: 2-Dimensional Shapes Matching, Memory, or Go-Fish Cards

Pg. 26-28: “I Have... Who Has...?” Game Cards

Pg. 29-34: 2-Dimensional Shapes Bingo Cards

Pg. 35: 2-Dimensional Shapes Bingo Clues

Pg. 36-37: “I-Spy Shapes All Around” Cards

Pg. 38: Terms of Use

Note: If you don’t own any bingo chips, use small squares of paper to cover up the shapes. 

Note: I suggest printing multiple copies of the “I-Spy” cards to be used over time as a review activity.

I recommend printing the materials on cardstock for extended use.