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The Modern Montessori Guide

Word Study Bundle

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This bundle includes over 800 pages of the following word study units:

A- Compound Words
B- Prefixes and Root Words
C- Root Words and Suffixes
D- Synonyms
E- Antonyms
F- Homophones
G- Homonyms

Each unit contains suggested lesson plan instructions, key experience charts, sort cards, and controls. 

For more comprehensive details, previews, and printing suggestions, please refer to the individual units. 

Suggestions for Storage - Suggested Instructions for Use: I recommend printing the suggested instructions and extension ideas and housing them in plastic sleeves within a binder. Any additional resources (key experience cards, sentence strips, etc.) can be placed inside the sleeve as well for easy access when it’s time to present. The punctuation color coding is not Montessori specific, but rather it’s meant to act as an organizational system (all homonym lesson suggestions and materials are blue.)

Suggestions for Storage - Controls: I suggest printing these out and placing them in sleeves within a binder as well. As the students complete sorts, they can then easily reference the controls to check their work.

Suggestions for Storage - Sorts: I recommend printing these out on cardstock and laminating them if you are expecting extended use. Each card within a particular sort is labeled in the bottom right-hand corner. Place all the cards within a particular sort (ex: M2) in an envelope, plastic container, or drawer system. Be sure to label whichever storage option you choose. This will allow the students to independently select their work.