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The Modern Montessori Guide

Word Study: Homophone Matching Cards

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The direct aim of the homophones word study is to help children understand that homophones are words with the same pronunciation but have different meanings and spellings and to help expand and enrich the child’s vocabulary.


Pgs. 2-4: Presentation Suggestions

Pgs. 5-24: Homophones Sorts F1-F8 (Black and White/Colored Outline)

Pgs. 25-44: Homophones Sorts F1-F8 (Blue and Red)

Pgs. 45-48: Homophones Sorts F1-F8 Controls

Pg. 49: Terms of Use

This set contains 64 pairs of homophone matches. 

I recommend printing the materials on cardstock and laminating them for extended use.

The black and white/colored outline and blue and red sets are interchangeable. Use whichever meets the needs of your students best. The blue and red cards act as an additional visual cue. The colored outline cards can be printed using the black and white setting on a particular color of paper to differentiate them from other word study sets.